Conflict is the most costly engagement in any organization or community, yet little attention is given to learning how to manage. Realizing how significant this domain is has urged Mohamed Hal to shift from strategy consultancy to focus on researching and developing effective and potent practices in conflict management and collaborative intelligence beyond the mainstream theories 

The core of his mission is to get as many people as possible aware of the cost of conflict and of the fact that effective collaboration is not a matter of having an easy-going personality but specific skills sets and methods backed with the right workflow and organizational setup. 

At the heart of this micro-enterprise lies a large aspiration to redefine the way organizations collaborate and communicate to substitute destructive conflicts with synergistic diversity that can fuel growth and innovation.   

Social Role

Hal is always willing to provide free-of-charge seminars and training sessions to non-profit organizations worldwide that have a good record of community service. Also he is  committed to supporting peace and cultural dialogue organizations with consultancy and coaching in the field of ideological conflict analysis and resolution. Multiple resources and e-seminars can be also shared upon request. 

If you represent a social organization and you are interested in receiving some assistance from Hal Praxis, feel free to Get in touch . Kindly specify in your email your organization’s service scope and the nature of the support needed. We will get back to you promptly.  


Hal has carried out numerous engagements in more than 6 countries.

Some of the served clients:

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