It all started with a junior engineering student wondering whether technological innovation is the ultimate solution to most of the world’s problems or not. Driven by the realization that mismanagement is more disastrous than technological constraints, Hal transferred to the business school and later initiated a management consulting career by joining EFESO Consulting.

Back in 2016, Hal Praxis was founded to become a channel for introducing creative methods in management and decision making that copes with the global transformations and capitalizes on breakthroughs in Data Analytics and IT. 

We believe that if a fraction of the millions of organizations world-wide – from small businesses to governmental agencies – are managed better, human welfare and accomplishments can be taken to unprecedented levels. Thus, our vision is to promote the use of creative and scientific methods in management to level up organizational performance across the globe.


Hal Praxis has proudly served various clients in 4 countries whether through consultancy projects or professional training programs.  

Key Clients  (Last Update January 2017)


Conditional Fees
We sell value not a service; accordingly we take no down payments or retainer fees. Clients are invoiced an amount relative to the results achieved and the value added from the engagement. We gladly take the risk and responsibility for what we deliver. 

Despite our deep respect for academia, we’re practitioners who don’t share dry theories or simple insights. Our ultimate aim is solving problems practically through working closely with our clients and deeply understanding their challenges. 

Most consultancy engagements are overpriced due to excessive overheads and/or inclusion of unnecessary tasks that have negligible impact on the targeted results. We have mastered the art of focusing on what matters most and operating efficiently. 


In love with the craft not the results
Since perfection is a journey not a destination, we never cease to review our work and look for all possible improvements in order to reach out for higher levels of excellence.

Every practice has its limitations
Challenging the status quo is always the starting point. As critics and skeptics we question the mainstream practices respectfully not to stand out but to explore the possibilities of improvement.

It has to start from the heart
We pursue the meaning first. We have to believe in the value before estimating the return. The purpose is what fuels our passion to develop and refine extraordinary solutions. 

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