“I look for meaning in everything I do. I feel a sort of responsibility towards bigger causes and I can not care less when naysayers tell me that it is impossible to make any difference.
The reason I do not care about how high stakes are is that I get my fulfilment from doing what I believe in regardless to the outcome.

I have chosen to quite business consultancy despite the higher income and focus on consulting with development aid projects. I do believe that more hands and minds are needed to help with solving problems and building better living conditions everywhere around the globe. 

I love criticism it keeps alert and thriving for improvements, feel free to share your feedback, proposals or even random ideas. I believe that creativity is like heading to a destination you are yet to discover.”

Work Style

Hal offers free-of-charge consultancy and training sessions to non-profit organizations that have tight budgets but good records. Only operational costs shall be covered.

Specialised professionals are subcontracted based on assignment requirements and the location of the assignment.

Every engagement is executed under a strict NDA that specifies the scale of info Hal can use or share out of the project.

If the assignment is not voluntarily, fees are paid only after successful delivery without any down payments. There is no fixed man-day rate, it varies per case.


Hal started his career 8 years ago as a business analyst assisting organizations with problem solving. Along this journey he has delivered numerous assignments in 5+ countries and 8+ sectors. His practice has been focused on strategy development, financial planning and optimal resource allocation.

Later on, his desire to use his consultancy skills in the field of development aid was driven by his passion to solve more universal problems that impact millions of lives. Hence, he has adapted the modules used in large corporations to the wider context of int’l development projects in order to  capitalize on the advanced methods of decision making in leveling up the outcome of these projects.

Hal holds a BSc and MSc degrees in management and economics. His last degree is from Vilnius University. Recently he has started studying and practicing investigative journalism and content development in preparation for a YouTube series that tackles mass hate.

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