5 Rituals For Boosting Creativity

A global study by Adobe sadly revealed that less that 23% of respondents are living up to their creative potential. Creativity has been always presented as a natural or inherited gift similar to stature or skin color. However, the recent findings of neuroplasticity have proven that this assumption is no longer valid. Creativity is a think pattern that enables the human brain to associate discrete elements and come up with novel ideas. Just like any learnable skill, creativity requires consistent practice of certain habits that can help the brain produce theta waves and think beyond the conventional paradigms.Whether you are stuck in a creative rut or you want to level up your creative potential, you must consider these key habits as a starting point. Later on, you shall pursue further creativity stimulation techniques for advancement according to your business nature.

Addict Novelty
Creativity is nothing but a purposeful imaginative endeavor which is fueled by exposure to novelty and diversity. Therefore, routine and redundancy severely constrain the imaginative capacity and leave insufficient reserve of ideas to spark novel concepts. You shall consider trying new meals, visiting new places, talking to different people, listening to new genres of music or even driving through different routes to your work. Most importantly, stick to the habit of learning few new things everyday in and around the field you would like to be creative in.

Eliminate Stress
If you are experiencing continuous anxiety or insecurity, you are less likely to log into your creative capacity. Simply because your brain will be unable to make the deep and audacious dive if it is in a permanent a state of fear and distress. If you are not a fan of meditation, just find the time to practice any hobby that would help you relieve some stress. Let it be joggling, swimming, playing music or even playing with your kids. Avoiding pessimistic or cynical people is essential to bulletproof your inspiration. Moreover, you shall keep any eye on your deep thoughts and believes in order to bring the subconscious worries up to the conscious level and tackle them properly.

Broaden your Perspective
In a famous speech, Steve Jobs talked about connecting the dots which is more or less the essence of the creative process. Best thinkers produce unsurpassed outcome by finding relationships between apparently heterogeneous facts. Many facts are merely useless on their own until one sees the connection between them. Zooming out and trying to look for connections or analogies is a good start for coming up with valuable insights especially in problem solving. Getting familiar with other disciplines will widen your scope, thus reduce your blind spots and help you come up with creative conclusions.

Pursue Collaboration
Ideas often flourish and evolve into better formats during group discussions or brainstorming. Co-creativity helps individual thinkers transcend their singular concepts, challenge their assumptions and get exposed to new dimensions. Moreover, thinking with others who think differently sparks unpredictable eureka moments beyond thinking with like-minded partners. However, to avoid having an inverse result, you shall get acquainted with the basic techniques of collective thinking to come over the distraction and inefficiency associated with the process.

Safeguard your Focus
In order to let your imagination soar, avoid stretching your mental capacity too thin by working on various irrelevant projects. You need to immerse your brain sufficiently in the theme your are exploring to enable it to navigate its possibilities. Continuous distraction is as destructive as stress. If you cannot maintain a deep state of flow for few hours, your brain will never surprise you with out-of-the-box ideas. Place yourself in a tight bubble of focus during your think process by turning off all notifications and limiting any possible interruptions or disturbance.

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