While many businesses waste resources in trials and errors and eventually get disrupted, others invest in comprehending the dynamics of their industries to make the right moves. These companies that work according to fact-based strategies are the ones we are eager to serve. 

We are strategists who are currently specialized in the Fresh Produce Sector in which we work with flagship super markets and food processors. We gather and analyze market insights in order to assist our clients with their commercial strategies and/or with sourcing their produce directly from the best producers worldwide

We are young, yet we dream big. Prospectively our practices will expand to other sectors and industries. Read more below and get in touch for more details. 

We get Deep Via In-Cluster.

There is no doubt that quantitative and macro reports are highly beneficial; yet we prefer to complement them with profound and granular insights about buyers’ behavior, preferences and perspectives in order to build better picture for sellers. We get to do that through the energizing In-Cluster workshops.

A Chance to Fuse Minds.

These focus groups are significantly beneficial to participants as they get to gain market knowledge, develop solid relationships with their industry from different countries and engage in panel discussions with subject matter experts. Besides, participants get to receive complementary research reports from Hal Praxis.


Market Research

In-depth and Customized

We combine quantitative analysis of market data with qualitative insights about consumer behavior and competitive landscapes to eventually develop rich market reports than can help executives see almost a full picture before taking critical decisions.  Our research projects are customized to our client's inquiries, strategies and budgets.

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Commercial Strategies

For Sourcing & Market Entry

Selecting the right market and the optimal mode of entry is a challenging task. Hence, many businesses waste resources while stepping into markets without holistic considerations. By combining our industry expertise with cutting-edge methods in market research, Intl strategies and feasibility analysis, we can definitely change that.

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Global Sourcing

of Fresh Produce

We are running a trading venture that capitalizes on our market knowledge. Through a global network of fruit producers we manage build strategic commercial programs that ensure a consistent and price-competitive supply of fresh produce for super market chains and food processors.  We run these transactions whether as brokers or as importers. Hence, we help our clients cross-over local distributors and wholesalers in order to get better price and quality control.

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Value Delivered

Tailored Opportunities

Its is not about exchanging contacts; we recommend the most suitable partner to your demand and requirements.

Market Exposure

We keep you tuned with the market prices and trends so that you make well-informed decisions and stay ahead of competition.

Reducing Risk

Our industry experience and tools can protect you from hitting the wrong market or working with unreliable partners.

Structured Deals

Difference in cultures and standards often causes gaps and troubles. We have the tools to structure trade operations.

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