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Billions of dollars of development aid flow anually to the less developped countries around the globe. Many of these intiatives have surely delivered oustanding results.

However, the overall impact of international aid is still far from optimal and there are numerous drawbacks brought by development projects due to tense global geopolitics, corrupted adminstrations in LDCs and misallocation of resources which does not boost economic growth as intended.

This Mohamed Hal’s professional website. A consultant and analyst who is committed to helping development aid agencies with optimizing the impact of their projects through capitalising on today’s innovations and best practices in management and economic analysis. Besides, Hal is launching a youtube series named “The Story of Hate” which discusses topics related to mass-hate from a different perespective.

Fusing Minds.

In-Cluster is neither a movement nor an organization, it is a voluntarily non-profit initiative through which Int’l development practitioners world wide connect and co-learn through online platforms and workshops. The initiative is kicking off in 2019.

Gatherings that Matter.

Speeches inspire; yet solid learning requires a hands-on experience. In-Cluster workshops bring together professionals to network and co-share their best practices in development projects management and impact maximization.

Consultancy Domains

Operational Excellence

Leveling up team performance

Outstanding strategies and abundant resources can still miss project goals execution is not effective enough. Large projects with cross-border engagements do require quality operational flow in order to avoid resource wastages, missing deadlines or delivering poor results. The methods applied in large corprations can assist development agencies with running their projects seamlessly and effectively.

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Resource Allocation

Budgeting of aid funds

Answering the question of which projects to consider and how much to allocate per each is quite challenging when there are many variables to consider and resources are limited. Relying on common sense and wild guesses often generates subjective decisions. On the other hand, numerical modelling and other analytical methods offer breakthrough solutions in this matter. 

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Feasibility Analysis

Improving Project Screening

Poorly-developed feasibility studies lead to ill-informed decision making in regards to project screening and selection. Moreover, such analysis helps with deciding on the best actions plans and implementation tactics considering financial and operational constraints.  Balancing the efficiency of the study with the quality and depth of research is another key dimension.

Strategy Stress-testing

Bullet-proofing project plans

Most managers count on intuition so often rather than fact-based reasoning hence overlooking a lot of factors that can disrupt their pursuits. Thus, stress-testing strategies is crucial in order to early-identify the hidden factors that could jeopardize a certain plan amid uncertainty. By stress testing, professionals will be able to ensure that a given strategy is solid enough and set a contingency plan to react wise when things go wrong.

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The Story of Hate


A series of short YouTube videos that discusses mind opening questions regarding mass-hate and conflicts around the globe objectively and away from pollical biases.


Counter mass-hate through helping the audience reflect on dominant mass-hate paradigms differently and rethink their perceptions about others objectively. 


The content is brief, neutral, question-focused and visually engaging. Although it will be transparent and fact-based, Hal will be sharing his own take on each topic.


Currently this videos are developed and produced through a personal initiative. Yet, sponsorships are welcomed to level up the scale and quality of the production process.

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