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Thousands of public projects are carried out annually around the globe. Many of which fail to deliver as effectively and efficiently as intended due to flawed feasibility studies, execution plans.

Thus, we are dedicated to bridge this gap through capitalizing on years of experience in feasibility analysis, resource allocation & project planning. Through a cluster of professionals from different disciplines we are capable of catering to various types of projects around the globe.

Hal Praxis is a small boutique consultancy firm which holds a social commitment. It is about supporting struggling projects that tacke education, environment and health-care with pro bono services. We donate 15% of our payable man-days to this cause and we aim to reach 20% prospectively.

Fusing Minds.

An international and inter-disciplinary cluster of seasoned professionals who have solid technical and managerial expertise in public projects. In-Cluster provides an excellent chance to connect and co-learn through non-profit knowledge sharing and workshops. 

Leveling up Collaboration.

We believe that unutilized knowledge is a massive wastage. Hence, In-Cluster is used to help us identify and contract with the most relevant subject-matter experts to enrich the value we bring into every project by having the right expertise on board. 


Ideation & Validation

Pre-feasibility Screening

This practice is about using innovative methods for generating a potent stream of relevant ideas which are then validated and screened efficiently and effectively. However, an idea in ts raw format is too vague to be considered by potential stakeholders. Hence, we assist also with concept refining and development to come up with a clear project scope and an initial identification of requirements and challenges. 

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Feasibility Studies

Viability Analysis

Poorly-developed feasibility studies lead to ill-informed decision making in regards to project screening and selection. Moreover, such analysis helps with deciding on the best actions plans and implementation tactics considering financial and operational constraints.  Balancing the efficiency of the study with the quality and depth of research is another key dimension.

Resource Management

Optimized Budgeting

Answering the question of which projects to consider and how much to allocate per each is quite challenging when there are many variables to consider and resources are limited. Relying on common sense and wild guesses often generates subjective decisions. On the other hand, numerical modelling and other analytical methods offer breakthrough solutions in this matter. 

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Project Planning

Concept to Action-plans

Projects often fail to kick-off or deviate down the road when key parameters are overlooked or when road-maps lack the sufficient rigorousness and integrity. We can surely assist project managers build up solid yet agile strategies and actions plans that could guide them through uncertainty and help them speed-up progress without jeopardizing the quality of deliverables. We also carry out strategy stress testing that help with setting robust contingency plans.

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Focus on smart & low-emission solutions & infrastructure.


Focus on social, green and energy-efficient housing projects.

Water & Sanitation

Focus on waste treatment, sanitation and efficient use of water.


Focus on renewable energy and energy supply to rural communities. 

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