A company is nothing but a group of people who come together to deliver something beyond the sum of their individual outcomes. Organizations are there to capitalize on collaborations through seamless alignment. But nowadays’s complexity has made conflicts more frequent and threatening.

Hence, Collaborative Intelligence (CQ) is a crucial capability that defines how promising an organization is, let it be a startup or a parliament. It encompasses practices and tactics that help professionals navigate conflicts and level up synergy among employees and stakeholders.

Hal’s praxis is based on a selective hybrid of psychology, behavioral economics, organizational design and sociology which has been refined through years of research and consultancy.

Workshops That Add Value.

Speeches inspire; yet real change and solid learning requires a hands-on experience. Through In-Cluster workshops we get to share our best practices with passionate attendees after tailoring them to their industries and backgrounds. They get the chance to practice and learn by doing.

Customized to Hit the Spot.

A one-size-fits all content is good to read in an article but not to receive in a workshop. Hal customizes each In-Cluster workshop to the attendees’ industries and backgrounds through rigorous assessment in order to tackle pain points. 

Organizational Scope

Dispute Resolution

Mediation & Facilitation

Conflicts are inevitable within and between organizations. However, when disagreements are poorly managed, they tend to escalate into destructive clashes and disputes. Our resolution methods tackle both the psychological and the organizational/tactical aspects of the conflict. We can assist with mediation as a neutral party or with navigation as a consultant to one of the parties. 

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Conflict Management

Personal Skill-set Coaching

Conflicts blow away hours of productivity, demotivate the workforce and freeze progress. Despite this fact, most managers lack the proper skills to navigate conflicts effectively and to utilize it as a source of intelligence rather than division. Hal Praxis’s 5-module conflict management training covers the communication , structured thinking and negotiation skills needed to keep conflicts controllable. 

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Collaborative Workflow Design

Consultancy Engagements

Working in silos might look efficient but it has a disastrous impact on agility, innovative capacity and overall productivity. The bureaucratic scheme of the 20th century is no longer valid today.  Processes, policies and hierarchies have to be designed in a fashion that promotes collaboration within and cross different functions. We have combined the best practices in strategy and organizational design with CQ methods and techniques to deliver solid results. 

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Collective Problem Solving

Training Program

Taking decisions individually is easy, yet it is quite hard to formulate them collectively with others who have opposing viewpoints while ensuring maximum alignment and chemistry. Away from complex behavioral theories, we have devised potent methods and techniques that make co-problem solving and collective thinking lean, pluralist and collision-free.

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CQ Assessment

Organizational Diagnosis

Improvement without direction is shooting in the dark. Hence, we start any consultancy engagement with an assessment of a given organization's level of collaborative intelligence through a holistic appraisal scheme. There are 3 levels of assessment which vary based on depth and scope. Assessments can be carried as a stand-alone service to assist the management and HR teams to identify causes of organizational setbacks. 

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Ideological Scope

Community Dialogue

Mediating and advising with social conflict resolution and supporting with mass-hate countering programs.

Cross-cultural Literacy

Conducting workshops that bring together people from different cultures to discuss stereotypes and international conflicts objectively.

Cost of Arms

Researching and publishing reports over the cost of international conflicts in terms of wars, military expenditures and impact on economy. 

Int'l Conflict Hackathons

Carried out mainly for young people through which they get a chance to simulate int’tl conflict situations to practice creative resolutions techniques.

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