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We are enthusiasts who are committed to pushing the boundaries of management in order to help organizations handle their challenges differently beyond traditional methods. Our approach is based on radical rethinking of the mainstream practices while capitalizing on technology and advancements in other disciplines such as AI.

Through researching and designing scientifically-validated practices in planning, control and decision making, we believe that we can boost competitiveness and growth through tackling inefficiencies and mismanagement. 

Our pursuit to management innovation started with innovating the traditional processes of consultancy; so, we developed In-Cluster, workshops that offer both customised advisory and collaborative problem solving, as well as the “Lean Engagement” which is an approach for delivering ultra-efficient projects.

The Alternative to Consultancy

Why hiring costly consultancy when all what you need is out-of-the-box ideas? Surely, seminars and books are too generic to tackle your specific challenges. That is why In-Cluster workshops bring link-minded professionals to tackle their challenges differently and collaboratively. Therefore, merging the efficiency of a workshop with the customization of advisory. Read More

Fusing Minds and Best Practices

Networking should not be about exchanging dozens of business cards and superficial chats; it should be about building strong relationships, synergy and trust. By mastering co-creativity, we are able to keep the whole group actively engaged and foster knowledge sharing. The aim is to bring up and refine solutions for the most imperative management problems. 


Strategy Validation

To Mitigate Uncertainties

As most mind-blowing successes were based on genius strategies and rigorous execution, most failures were and will always be caused by poorly developed strategies that were not well-refined. Strategic mistakes are countless and they are often caused by the methods used in decision making. Hence, we have worked hard on developing several practices in this domain that would help mangers in different industries and functions test their decisions/strategic choices and select the optimal ones efficiently and effectively. It is easy to lay out a gut-based strategy but the challenge is to validate it rationally. 

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Cross-functional Integration

For Seamless Planning & Execution

Solid strategies are useless if not cascaded down into tactical plans that consider operational realities. Moreover, at the core of strategy execution lies the challenge of aligning, synchronizing and integrating different functions (with different vantage points) periodically to ensure unity of direction and sustainable results. Companies which tend to overlook cross-functional integration and get overwhelmed by bureaucratic structures end up with massive inefficiencies and self-contradictions that keep them slower and less customer-centric than competition. 

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Optimal Resource Allocation

To Boost Growth without Deficits

Misspending and random resource allocation does not only hinder growth and decrease ROI; it does threaten the business foundation and continuity through cash depletion and piling up losses. On the other hand, the traditional budgeting or financial planning practices are often painstaking and time consuming without significant impact due to their rigidity and focus on the layout rather than use. We have researched, developed and tested cutting-edge practices in capital budgeting that helps financial executives make the best use out of available assets.

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In-Cluster's Edge

Harnessing Co-Creativity

Ideas are refined when different perspectives are blended. Bedside, you will improve your collective thinking capacity.

No Intrusion or overlaps

You can keep your data confidential and skip the collision that often occurs between your staff and incoming advisers.

Tailored to Your Case

You do not have time for general lectures, these workshops get straight into solutions for participants’ challenges.

Saving Time & Resources

No need for complex consultancy projects when all what you need is co-learning and thinking out loud with specialists and peers.  

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