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Thousands of development projects are carried out annually around the globe. Many of which fail to deliver as effectively and efficiently as intended due to flawed feasibility studies, strategies and execution plans.

Thus, we are dedicated to bridge this gap through capitalizing on years of experience in feasibility analysis, business model design & financial strategies. Infra-structure projects encounter numerous managerial challenges which we have the capacity to tackle side by side with governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Hal Praxis is a small boutique consultancy firm which holds a social commitment of allocating 15% of its man-power to Pro Bono assignments. We give priority to supporting limited-budget project developers especially in the domains of climate change, water & Sanitation.

Fusing Minds.

An international and inter-disciplinary cluster of seasoned professionals who have solid technical and managerial expertise in public projects. In-Cluster provides an excellent chance to connect and co-learn through non-profit knowledge sharing and workshops. 

Leveling up Collaboration.

We believe that unutilized knowledge is a massive wastage. Hence, In-Cluster is used to help us identify and contract with the most relevant subject-matter experts to enrich the value we bring into every project by having the right expertise on board. 


Ideation & Validation

Infra-structure development goals and policies. 

a. Generating a pool of relevant ideas.
b. Specific Identification of goals and constraints.
c. Validation and screening.
d. Refining and concept development.
e. Initial research of requirements and outcome.
f. High level financial viability assessment.

a. Proposal(s) of shortlisted project(s) and brief pre-feasibility assessments().

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Impact Assessment

A given project concept or a pre-feasibility study

a. Stakeholder and scope of impact analysis.
b. Assessment of Economic Impact.
c. Assessment of Social Impact.
d. Assessment of the Environmental Impact.
e. Multi-dimensional Need-Fit analysis.
f. Analyzing the gap between the desired impact and proposed output.

a. 360' assessment of direct and indirect project impact.
b. Specification of required output standards/key success factors.

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Business Model Design

Project concept and Impact assessment.

a) Deciphering the economic impact
b) Quantification of the economic value generated for stakeholders.
c) Analysis of capital and operational requirements on various scales.
d) Identifying potential revenue streams.
e) Designing the operational and financial schemes.

a) Comprehensive Business model.
b) Clearly defined business scale and financial parameters.

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Financial Modeling

Business model, project strategy, and operational & financial parameters.

a. Projection of expenditures and revenues.
b. Analysis of investment returns.
c. Profitability and cash flow projections.
d. Simulating various strategies and scenarios.
e. Running optimization models to select the best strategies.

a. Financial feasibility Study of the proposed business model.
b. Recommended data-driven strategies.

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Implementation Support

Approved project strategy, business plan, signed agreements and mobilized resources.

a. Setting up a lean project plan that considers capabilities and constraints.
b. Role distribution and communication among all stakeholders.
c. Tackling operational waste, duplication and inefficiencies.
d. Troubleshooting project hurdles and deadlocks.
e. Auditing and reporting progress to key stakeholders.

a. Initial project plan (time plan, role distribution, and resource allocation).
b. Plan adjustments and modifications.
c. Periodic progress audit reports.

-Practice is still under development.

Key Sectors


Focus on smart & low-emission solutions & infrastructure.


Focus on social, green and energy-efficient housing projects.

Water & Sanitation

Focus on waste treatment, sanitation and efficient use of water.


Focus on renewable energy and energy supply to rural communities. 

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